the buried life

inspiring, touching, uplifting... not necessarily the words that come to mind when you think of the lineup of shows on mtv. but the buried life is all those things and more.

the show follows a group of four guy friends on their journey to cross items off a list of 100 things they want to do before they die... from attending a party at the playboy mansion to helping deliver a baby. there's also a twist: for every item they cross off their list, they help a stranger accomplish something on theirs.

when i first started seeing ads for the buried life, i was interested, but i thought to myself c'mon, it's mtv... how good could it be? i decided to tune in anyway, and i'm so glad i did! the guys are relatable, hilarious, creative, and fearless. the ways in which they are able to help other people are amazing and totally inspiring. i look forward to watching their adventure unfold every week.

take a few minutes to watch the promo video below and check your local listings for air times :)



Little Gray Pixel said...

I thought the same thing about this show at first, and I've recommended it to others, it's so touching.

Robin said...

yeah, loving this show!

Steph said...

i JUST started watching this show because of this entry...ive only seen one episode (the krumping competition), but its awesome. and made me cry, but what else is new.