found encouragement... make it happen

here's another great tidbit from my parents' road trip.  they spotted a girl named josie wearing this encouraging t-shirt...

it reads, "don't make excuses... make it happen."  josie was a summer intern at plymouth plantation, and the saying on the t-shirt is the motto of her missouri school's sports program.  

personally, i think it's a great motto for every day!  a reminder that we are responsible for our own destiny and happiness.  so often we sit around worrying and making excuses and letting our insecurities keep us from doing what we really want... get up and make it happen today!



falafel spotted in bar harbor!

if you've been following my blog, you know that my mom and dad have been spreading falafel all over the united states and canada on their three week long road trip.  you also might have noticed that my mom decided to start writing my blog address on her post-its so people could come check out the site if they were so inclined.  

well, i just got an email from a sweet lady named margie (hi margie!) who actually spotted one of the post-its they left in bar harbor, maine!  how cool is that?

this is the note she left... posted outside of a ver popular (and very delicious) ice cream shop called cj's big dipper.

it reads, "be yourself!  everyone else is taken."




philly falafel

my sister donica and i had some fun falafel-ing all over center city philadelphia this weekend!  it was fun to have a partner in crime this time around :)  here are a couple of my favorite post-its my sister and i put up...

never underestimate the power of your dreams.
posted on a sign outside a parking garage.

i love your hair!
posted on the bathroom mirror in a pub.

hopefully our notes helped spread some encouragement and positivity to the city of brotherly love!



found encouragement... stop signs

stop sign graffiti has become something of a trend in the u.s. over the past several years (beginning with "stop the war" and "stop eating meat").  

but it wasn't until fairly recently that i began to see it used in funny (stop: hammertime), meaningful, and thought-provoking applications.  a search on flickr revealed some really great messages that i just had to share with you all.

{a simple message... "stop hating." from champagne chic}

{"don't stop caring." from juls at midnight}

{"never stop lovin!" from regular genius girl}

{even with the misspelling, the message comes through.  "don't stop believing." from mint tea}

{my favorite... "stop being afraid." from fucher is now}

i hope you take the time to "stop" for a moment and reflect on how you can incorporate these little bits of wisdom into your life.



en francais

here's another note from my mom, left somewhere in quebec city during the new france festival!  my dad found some quotes with english and french translations, so this is officially the first bilingual falafel :)

my mom also put my blog url on this note, so if there are any quebec residents reading... bonjour!

hope everyone has a fantastic weekend...



found falafel... you go girl!

encouraging graffiti!

{from embeedub}

{from agrinberg}

for more, check out the you go girl flickr group.



no one is like you.

"you are an amazing individual.  no one is like you."

i left this note under the bleachers of a little league field near my house.  

i think we tend to take the important people in our lives for granted.  today, take the time to tell someone you love just how special they are.  it could be someone you see every day, or an dear friend or relative you've lost touch with over the years.  just pick up the phone, write a little note, or send an email... you might just make someone's day.



falafel in my teacup

i found this little bit of inspiration dangling from my tea bag this morning...

it reads, "life is a flow of love; your participation is requested."  what a nice way to start my day.

happy friday everyone... i'll be back on monday with a new post-it.  have a fantastic weekend... let the love flow!



falafel from the road!

my parents are currently on a three week long road trip of sorts... traveling by car from their home in south jersey, through new york and new england, all the way up to montreal and quebec city.  when i told my mom about my new project, she was so excited about it she decided to join in!  here is the note she posted...

it reads, "never look down on anyone, unless you are giving them a hand up."

it is posted on the outside window of ben & jerry's in burlington, vermont.  here is a photo of my mom pointing to her freshly posted falafel :)

the quote is from the author pete hamill, who spoke at a conference my parents attended earlier in the week.  he said it was something his mother used to tell him and his brother when they were growing up... how sweet is that?  a really great life lesson to remember.

thanks, mom!



you've got a friend.

"have a lovely day, friend."

sometimes we all need a friend, even if that friend happens to be an anonymous stranger :)

i posted this little note on a park bench in one of my favorite spots. today was one of those picture-perfect summer days... hot, but not
too hot, with a nice cooling breeze and a sky full of puffy white clouds.  i sat there on the bench for a while just thinking about what a truly lovely day it was, and how lucky i was to be a part of it.

wishing you all the lovliest of lovely days...