another note from my hubby...

my husband has always liked leaving sweet notes for me to find around the house. since i started falafel for the soul, he's taken to writing his mini love notes on post-its.

this one stands out among the sea of yellow and pink sticky notes littering my desk... it is so nice to look down from whatever i'm working on and be reminded every day that i am loved :)

valentine's day is almost here... and even if you aren't a fan of the holiday, it's the perfect time to tell someone you love them. try leaving a little note like this for someone you care about, just to remind them why they are so special to you. your significant other, your best friend, your kids, your crush, your teacher, your mailman... they all need love, and finding a note like this just might make their day!



Robin said...

it's all true!

Joyce said...

sooooooooooooooo sweet!