the buried life

inspiring, touching, uplifting... not necessarily the words that come to mind when you think of the lineup of shows on mtv. but the buried life is all those things and more.

the show follows a group of four guy friends on their journey to cross items off a list of 100 things they want to do before they die... from attending a party at the playboy mansion to helping deliver a baby. there's also a twist: for every item they cross off their list, they help a stranger accomplish something on theirs.

when i first started seeing ads for the buried life, i was interested, but i thought to myself c'mon, it's mtv... how good could it be? i decided to tune in anyway, and i'm so glad i did! the guys are relatable, hilarious, creative, and fearless. the ways in which they are able to help other people are amazing and totally inspiring. i look forward to watching their adventure unfold every week.

take a few minutes to watch the promo video below and check your local listings for air times :)



snow days

i adore snow days.

as a kid, i remember the excitement of rushing to the window the morning after the weather man called for snow to check and see just how much had fallen (and the disappointment i felt if there was none!). when i was a freshman at the university of maryland, we had three snow days in a row (they aren't very good at dealing with snow down there), and it's still one of my favorite memories of college. now, as an adult, the idea of being "snowed in" is still thrilling... a day where we are encouraged, expected to stay inside with our loved ones, not worrying about our day-to-day responsibilities.

this past week, we had two major snowstorms. the snow just kept coming... so much that my husband's company actually shut down for a day. a true snow day! it was fantastic, and we took full advantage... just like we would have when we were kids. we curled up on the couch in our snuggies, watched movies, ate chicken noodle soup, drank hot chocolate with marshmallows, and even ventured out to make snow angels.

i think everyone should have a snow day every now and then... even if you live in a place where it never snows! take a day off and spend some quality time exploring the great indoors with the one you love :)



another note from my hubby...

my husband has always liked leaving sweet notes for me to find around the house. since i started falafel for the soul, he's taken to writing his mini love notes on post-its.

this one stands out among the sea of yellow and pink sticky notes littering my desk... it is so nice to look down from whatever i'm working on and be reminded every day that i am loved :)

valentine's day is almost here... and even if you aren't a fan of the holiday, it's the perfect time to tell someone you love them. try leaving a little note like this for someone you care about, just to remind them why they are so special to you. your significant other, your best friend, your kids, your crush, your teacher, your mailman... they all need love, and finding a note like this just might make their day!



you are beautiful part 2

i was so very inspired by the you are beautiful project that i decided to contribute to it in my own way. this sign has been hanging in my window (facing out, of course) for the past few weeks...

see it? move in a little closer...

my husband and i live in a second floor apartment overlooking a busy intersection. lots of people walk by every day, but i have no way of knowing if anyone has noticed it. i do know that it always makes me smile when it catches my eye as i'm walking home.

i added the smaller pink sign below it as an extra piece of encouragement... it reads, "keep your heart open."