l'as du fallafel

a lot of people might not know this, but paris - specifically the marais district (and even more specifically rue des rosiers) - is known for serving up some amazing falafel.  and since i'm (obviously) mildly obsessed with falafel, my hubby and i were determined to find out who made it best.

we sampled many delicious pitas filled with the crispy, golden-fried chickpea fritters, each one overflowing with accoutrements like freshly made hummus, tahini, roasted eggplant, spicy red sauce, and vinegary cabbage slaw... but we found the king of all falafel at the famous l'as du fallafel.  just to make your mouth water a little bit before i get to the point, here is what their falafel looks like:

can you say, yum?

anyway... after discovering the greatest falafel in the land, i was on a mission.  with my post-its and sharpie in hand and armed with a remedial knowledge of the french language, i ventured back to l'as du fallafel to leave the note i'd been waiting to post...

you are falafel for the soul.
- - -
tu es comme le falafel pour l'âme.

they might be hard to spot at first in this shot... see those two little tiny yellowish squares on the lower left-hand side?  i was actually kind of nervous to post them because i was in a foreign country and i don't know what type of rules they have about posting signs and whatnot... plus l'as du fallafel was super crowded (as always), so i did it hastily and ran off to hide.  

later that night, we came back to eat our final falafel dinner, and i realized that someone had moved my english post-it right onto the middle of the menu board!  i was so excited.

a couple days later, nichole (the amazing writer and frequent paris-traveller behind the blog littlebrownpen) sent me this photo via twitter:

she said, "your post-it note is still at l'as du fallafel!  the owner is very proud of it."

how cool is that?  it just makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside :)



Robin said...

i know, right?

at first, when we went back that night, we thought it was gone.

then we saw it prominently displayed on the menu outside...

so cool!

a moment i treasure said...

WAY cool! what a great story! :)

~KS said...

how awesome... and can you even believe, I have never had a falafel?? I must try it...

Emily said...

A resounding "YAY!" all around!

a little something... said...

oh this is brilliant on so many levels! :D