i'm back!

hello lovelies!

it's true... i'm back from an absolutely amazing two-week trip to paris.  the photo above shows the view from our 6th-floor studio window... so beautiful!  i've only been back for a few days, and i miss paris already.  everything was fabulous... our apartment, our neighborhood, the food, the wine, the museums, the shopping, the music...!  i could go on and on...

this week i'll definitely be sharing more photos and stories from the trip, so keep checking back!



~KS said...

Welcome back!!! I am so glad you had a wonderful time away... but love that you're back to share your uplifting messages with us all :)

a moment i treasure said...

glad to have you back...can't wait to see pics from the trip!

Conversation Pieces said...

welcome back – looking forward to seeing your pics :D