no one is like you.

"you are an amazing individual.  no one is like you."

i left this note under the bleachers of a little league field near my house.  

i think we tend to take the important people in our lives for granted.  today, take the time to tell someone you love just how special they are.  it could be someone you see every day, or an dear friend or relative you've lost touch with over the years.  just pick up the phone, write a little note, or send an email... you might just make someone's day.



Robin said...

you're more special than the specialist snowflake ever seen!

knack said...

found you through jess gonacha and think what you are doing is wonderful and had inspired me to tell people more.........

thank you! xox

315thomas said...

knack, thank you for your sweet comment. i'm so glad my blog has affected you in a positive way!


inadvertent farmer said...

Perfectly placed...Kim