found encouragement... stop signs

stop sign graffiti has become something of a trend in the u.s. over the past several years (beginning with "stop the war" and "stop eating meat").  

but it wasn't until fairly recently that i began to see it used in funny (stop: hammertime), meaningful, and thought-provoking applications.  a search on flickr revealed some really great messages that i just had to share with you all.

{a simple message... "stop hating." from champagne chic}

{"don't stop caring." from juls at midnight}

{"never stop lovin!" from regular genius girl}

{even with the misspelling, the message comes through.  "don't stop believing." from mint tea}

{my favorite... "stop being afraid." from fucher is now}

i hope you take the time to "stop" for a moment and reflect on how you can incorporate these little bits of wisdom into your life.



Robin said...

very good, the last one definitely resonates, and i don't ever want to stop beilivan!

warren said...

I just found a bunch of these in my hometown. They aren't quite as political, but are pretty cool I think. Thanks for posting them!

Here are pics of the ones I saw:
Stop Sign Artist in Charleston, WV

Amanda said...

Haha, Jimmy actually took a similar photo in Takoma Park, but with a somewhat less inspiring message: http://www.princeofpetworth.com/2009/09/photos-from-popville-143/

It got featured on the Prince of Petworth blog :)

KS said...

LOVE them all... the last one is my favorite too.