craft hope.

this is just a beautiful thing...

after hearing about the disaster in haiti, the ladies of craft hope decided to take action. they opened up an etsy shop and sent out an appeal to crafters and artists to donate whatever items they could, with all proceeds benefiting doctors without borders.

the ladies wanted to help out however they could, and had modest expectations for the shop. but in the past few days, the shop has sold 700 items and made over $10,000 for haiti relief... and the numbers continue to grow. i donated two prints from my etsy shop, and they sold before i could even spread the word!

if you're still looking for a way to get involved and help out those in need in haiti, this is it. there's still tons of great stuff up for grabs in the craft hope etsy shop... you can get a wonderful handmade craft and help raise money for doctors without borders at the same time. it's a total win-win.

and if you're not convinced yet, here is a selection of some of the lovely handmade items that have been donated to craft hope to tempt you...


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brooke said...

i love what you have going on here! and the general idea of spreading random notes of kindness!!! awesome!