it's a wonderful life.

merry christmas everyone!

if you get a chance today, sit down and watch it's a wonderful life. regardless of your beliefs, it should help remind you what the holidays are all about... spending time with the people you love the most, taking a step back and being grateful for everything you have.

i hope you all have a truly wonderful holiday. i'll be spending christmas with my amazing husband and family at my parents' home... then we'll all be flying off to sunny puerto rico for some more quality time :)

see you in the new year!



Louise Gale said...

I LOVE this movie...Watch it every Christmas without fail. :-)

Really helps you realize that we all touch peoples life somehow.

Best wishes for Christmas and 2010.

~KS said...

That movie is simply the best!

Merriest Christmas wishes to you and your family!

Robin said...

it is a wonderful life, thanks to you!

thank goodness i don't need to fall in an icy river and have a series of frightening hallucinations to realize it!

merry christmas!