found encouragement... u. of chicago library

quinn.anya's flickr page has a whole set of photos of graffiti from the university of chicago library.  while many of the images offer up standard graffiti fare, others reveal uplifting and inspiring messages.  here are some of my favorites... wouldn't you love to look up and see one of these while cramming for a big exam?



~KS said...

Ooooh... I love it. I wish there was sweet graffiti like this in my library :)
Stop by my blog if you have time- I'm doing a little giveaway to thanks for all the wonderful people I have meet in blogger world. You are definitely one of those people... your blog makes me smile every day! Thanks for everything you do to make this world a little bit brighter place.

Robin said...

that's really cool. you should drop some falafel in our local library!

Allyson said...

that's wonderful! :)