raindrops from your eyes

{photo by the bonnie blues, found on kind over matter}

i came across this lovely photo today, and it reminded me of a song from "free to be you and me," which my sisters and i used to watch all the time when we were kids.  even though it was written for children, i think it's a nice reminder for adults too...

it's alright to cry
crying takes the sad out of you
it's alright to cry
it might make you feel better

raindrops from your eyes 
washing all the mad out of you
raindrops from your eyes
it's gonna make you feel better

it's alright to know
feelings come and feelings go
it's alright to cry
it might make you feel better...



Conversation Pieces said...

Love that photo... the socks are just great... some days that would make me cry!

Lilian Moreira εϊз said...

Hi! :)

I have just posted an award for you in my blog. Come by and check it! :)



Chelsea Talks Smack said...

that was so beautiful- loved it.

~KS said...

This was such a perfect post... I did my fair share of crying today and I love knowing it's okay...

~KS said...

After my day of crying yesterday, I just had to come back and read these beautiful words again. Your blog just brightens my day :) I am leaving a little award for you on my blog this afternoon!

315thomas said...

thank you so much, ks! glad to hear the crying did help make you feel better :)


nifer said...

Another great reminder... I've been crying a lot this week (blaming PMS), and it's nice to know I don't have to hide it!

P.S. I'm giving you a blog award for all your wonderful inspiration!

~ Jen

Donica said...

ok, so i'm a little behind here on commenting, but the cool thing about that song is that rosie greer (famous football player) sang it! he's also a knitter!